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Napkin Hints

The help in Napkin has thorough notes on how to do things. Below are some extra hints on top.

Dragging arrows on objects

In version 1.1 of Napkin arrows will auto connect when you drag them over an object. Sometimes you may not want this - for example if you are dragging over a large image (like a map) - in which case you can lock the object/image and then arrows will not auto connect.

No object borders

Make the colour of the object transparent (through the "i" control on the selected object) if you just want text unencumbered by the object's outline.

Dragging from the rim

You don't need to select the arrow tool to draw an arrow from an object - just drag green circle with an arrow in it away from the text or box and an arrow will form. If you tap the blinking green circle that appears when you let go of the arrow, you will create an attached box or text box depending on what you dragged from.

Locking Titles

Large text, like titles, should be locked so that they don't get in the way when dragging other objects or arrows around


Set up the preferences (for example preferred shape, font, arrow head) via the info button in the toolbar bar, so that you don't have to keep changing to your preferred style or colour

Changing line or arrow attributes

On a busy Napkins - sometimes its easier to change line or arrow attributes by tapping on the other end. Tap twice because the first tap gives you the dragging control or a rotation control.

Very short lines

Sometimes by accident or design you may create very short lines, but because your finger tip is relatively large, you find it difficult to select that line to adjust or delete it.
Create a selection box around that line (press and hold (long press) the screen with one finger), drag using the controls of the selection box to encompass the line, and then tap on either of the selection controls. Each tap highlights sequentially the objects contained in the selection box.

Locked stuff to background

If you tap on something which is locked it will be sent to the background.

Exporting your text

Sometimes you might make boxes or text boxes smaller than the actual text they contain - when you select to export/email "Image and Text" you get both. The image, showing structure, hierarchy, flow etc, and the text - as text - at the top of the email. So you can put that text in another document if you wish.

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